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a csi: ny episode review community

episodes on trial ; csi:ny reviews community
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The csixny community was created to provide fans of the hit crime drama "CSI: New York" with a diverse collection of episode reviews.

1. While it is not mandatory that you join to access reviews and post, we ask that you join the community if you are registered on LiveJournal.
2. No flaming. This community embraces diverse opinions, however the comments and views of the jury must be regarded respectfully when submiting comments.
3. No profanity. This community has a family-friendly reputation and would like to uphold it.
4. If you would like to archive or use any of the jury's verdicts, please express your request in an e-mail to the moderator.
5. Not a fan of "CSI: New York" or the individuals involved? Don't bother wasting your time or ours, and don't join.

The jury consists of fans, each specially selected to write reviews and make verdicts on the episodes, which are all "on trial."