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Ep 319: "Daze of Wine and Roaches"

$650 for a bottle of wine? That’s half of my monthly paycheck. 100,000 for a jewel encrusted roach? That’s almost what I’ll make in 5 years.

Maybe I’m trying to think too much about it, but there were SO many plot holes in the A case. I’m just going to start with the beginning although I will quickly start jumping around.

First of all, why do I have a huge problem believing that they could have such a benefit at the UN headquarters? Probably because there would be so much security it wouldn’t be allowed!

I can somewhat understand wanting to maintain diplomatic relations. However, I would think it could be an even bigger diplomatic nightmare if the killer went free because the examination had been delayed. I would also think that if Simone were working as a translator for the UN or even if it was for the Pierponts, they would have made sure her visa stayed current.

I’m not so sure how much Mac was actually violating protocol. For if the only reason they couldn’t remove the body was the fact she worked at the UN, it didn’t apply once they found out about her visa.

Don’t get me started on them using the blood on Hawkes’ glove for the poison analysis. I really doubt it would be enough. I’d like to think that they couldn’t find anything because they didn’t have enough. They never said what she was poisoned with though. The dendritic polymer could only hold poison, not actually poison someone.

Now, let’s talk about the dendritic polymer. That’s actually the way I think a lot of cancer therapy is going to go (due to the huge toxicity of most therapies). However, they all require some sort of triggering mechanism to actually RELEASE the drug once it reaches the desired target. Luther wouldn’t have been able to rely on it being released within a certain time. Also, patent applications do not have samples of product attached to them! Although they are filed by attorneys, not scientists… so at least they got that right.

The different types of tears? First of all, I’m not so sure I believe it. Part of me actually does think there might be something different, because in an emotional situation, different neurotransmitters and hormones would be floating around. However, I don’t know if these would actually be in high enough quantity to test for. But there were also problems in the way it was implemented on the show. Stella starts to talk about how they have higher manganese and potassium. But then she proceeds to say she tested the enzymes- which are proteins, not metals! Also, if she really was testing for enzymes, you’d be hard pressed to make me believe they were in active form by the time Stella got back to the lab.

Mac’s outburst with Luther is actually somewhat consistent with his character. Luther was being extraordinarily cocky with the detectives. Mac went off on a suspect n “Fare Game” who was being cocky. Stella seemed a bit rattled, and I’m not positive whether it was surprise at Mac or just disdain for Luther.

We never even saw the Pierponts and I absolutely hated them. And I can’t help but think that the parents are somewhat to blame for Evie’s actions. I wondered if she was acting that way to try to get attention. Yes, she had attention from a whole team of people, but they were all getting paid to. She got no attention from the two people she should have been able to count on: her parents. Licensed psyhologists do not make up for parents. And being “groomed?” For what? To be just like her parents? I loved Flack’s attitude with Luther.

They never answered exactly what Evie’s involvement was, and I think it was on purpose. I tend to think that Evie didn’t actually kill either of the two, although she definitely was a proximate cause to them. I loved that they knew she had some involvement, yet couldn’t do anything about it.

It’s interesting that Gerrard is coming around, especially with the threats towards Mac. Unlike Miami, NY does not often show IAB with the lab, in fact I think there have been only 4 times before this they have shown it: “Supply and Demand” (Stella’s complaints), “On the Job” (Danny’s shooting), “All Access” (Stella’s shooting) and “Raising Shane” (Hawkes’ case). The theme is that IAB comes around when there are problems.

The B case was definitely the comedic relief of the episode; however, I think it was better planned out. It also gave far better moments.

There were several times which I laughed out loud during this case.

Danny: “My favorite kind of wine is beer.”
Lindsay: “Isn’t the cockroach the unofficial mascot of New York?”

Amongst others.

The roaches. Ewwwww. Especially when it crawled out of the dead guys mouth and with the ones crawling over the food.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the writers were trying to promote an “ecological” message; albeit, in a nasty way, with the tirade about how wonderful cockroaches are, and how there is so much we have yet to learn. There is stuff we probably can learn, similar to rain forests, but there is a reason why we put out poisons and traps to get rid of them! They carry diseases. I’d kind of like to know what the guy got hit with to make him so crazy.

It was also nice that they acknowledged Lindsay’s trip to Montana. It was nice to see Lindsay back, engaging in funny banter like she did in Season 2.

You may be sick of me complaining about Stella’s attire, but I’m going to again. The shirt she was wearing was beyond unprofessional. If this were the real world, she would have been fired by now over her clothing. I much prefer Lindsay’s attire, because it seems like something real people could and would wear. She also wears some clothes multiple times… like real people.

Fake Charges:
Indecent Exposure and Murder by Gross Out – see explanations above.

Overall Verdict: Above Average, only due to the hilarity in the B case.
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