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Episode 317- "The Ride In"

In an unusual fashion, we begin this episode with Stella confessing about cutting herself to Mac. While Mac does not reprimand Stella there (for at the least what I am sure was her disregard for protocol), I believe he was about to. Mac is less of yeller than the quiet anger/disappointment type, and in his “Why didn’t you tell me?”, to me, he seemed pretty upset and disappointed in Stella.

Stella’s emotions are still raw from the uncertainty and worry of possibly being HIV+. She’s not even sure if she could handle living with it. I think the only reason Mac didn’t reprimand her was a fear that she couldn’t handle it right then, and also the realization that she needed a reminder of her strength that she has clearly forgotten about. His use of Greek is nice continuity from back in S1 where Stella spoke Greek to Mac.

At first Noah seems to be simply a religious fanatic, but we later find out it’s due to an infection. I don’t know if I liked this. People like that certainly do exist, and I don’t know if it would have been bad to show it. (Although maybe TPTB did that to avoid complaints)

Noah was certainly an expert at quoting verses out of context, as neglecting verses that didn’t fit with his viewpoint. He forgot the verse where God promises Noah to never again destroy the world with a flood. (Grew up with people like that, they certainly exist) However, if you tried to take everything literally, you can’t, since there are contradictions. For example, there are two versions of the Noah story, and they differ in the number of animals taken. The one this Noah was following is the traditional two of each animal, but there is a second version with two of each unclean animal and seven of each clean animal. Also (and I don’t mean this to hurt anyone), ask anyone who lived in areas devastated by Katrina and Rita what they think about that verse.

In addition, the God I believe in would not only guarantee salvation to those with large sums of money to put into a “cause.”

However, the passengers certainly have tremendous faith, so much so that they lose their use of logic. Sometimes I wish I had such strong faith. It would probably make life seem simpler.

I won’t say that the ark wasn’t a cause of the murder, but it was because he spent money on building it, and then tried to pay off a partner with counterfeit money (although he didn’t know it). He certainly had several enemies. I would like to praise them on having an openly homosexual character, albeit very minor. This is one of the few shows on TV that I have seen it done, and they didn’t handle as anything except normal. So most certainly congrats there.

It is somewhat ironic that it began raining at the end.

The B case was more to allow for an unexpected twist in the murderer (being the vampire) as well as to allow Stella to show some indignation. The “Get this man out of my face” to the exec who was more concerned was great, and expresses the sickness that was probably felt by everyone.

I thought Sid was going to have a heart attack at first, when he had the problems in the morgue while Mac was there. However he winds up going into anaphylactic shock. How did Stella know? He’d probably told her- usually you do when you have a severe allergy. And anyway, using epinephrine is not a bad plan for someone who isn’t breathing and who’s heart has stopped, since it both opens the airways as well as stimulates the heart to contract. I’ve heard the argument about Stella informing the doctor about something they already would know. I’ll play devil’s advocate: maybe he was a new orderly. Someone who was new may not have known about any allergies, and an orderly would not have had the medical training. What bothered me was that Stella still didn’t completely follow CPR training. Yes, you are trained to call for help first, and if no one comes, to immediately begin life support measures, but Stella didn’t even check for a pulse. And while obviously they couldn’t give real CPR to Sid, the ratio of compressions to breaths is FAR different than what Stella did. Her insecurity comes even here, where she feels she has to frantically explain herself to Mac, and seems to not think that she did the right thing. Mac obviously tries to reassure her that it’s fine, but Stella isn’t reassured. At the end, she tells Sid about it, nearly breaking down and crying.. Sid reminds her that he’s alive because she saved her life, but Stella is still worried. We also learn that Sid has a wife and two kids (we already knew he had a daughter –NWILL), and could you imagine being Sid’s kid? Creepy, quirky, Sid?

Flack is the major comedic genius of the show, and he certainly delivers in this episode, referring to the ark as the “Good Ship Looney Toons.” However, Stella also has a somewhat humorous line, “Let’s just say it and get it over with: smoking kills.” Admittedly, the delivery was somewhat dead, but given that it follows her discussion with Mac, it fits.

My dislike of Angell isn’t unknown at this point, but I would like to know why they mentioned her THREE times in this episode, when they haven’t mentioned Lindsay, a main cast member, once since she’s been gone. I’d also like for them to quit neglecting Hawkes’ screentime. At least Stella’s girls didn’t get more screentime than Hawkes.

Danny seemed a bit tired this episode, and I’d like to know who may have been told to act that way.

Overall Episode: This episode was above average, but not the best they have ever done.
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