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Ep 316- "Heart of Glass"

Note: This review assumes that you have either seen the ep or are not spoiler free. You can find a summary on CBS’ website.

Both of the deaths in this episode were accidental. Although with majorly different culpabilities.

The first (bathtub vic) killed due to electrocution, because she was reaching to check out a noise. Now she was a little creepy herself, stalking someone who clearly didn’t anything to do with her. She heard a shot, which turns out to be a husband wanting to kill his wife. He couldn’t- he missed.

I hope the husband would be held accountable for the murder, and I think it would be possible because of the felony murder law.

The second vic killed by his sister. However, I felt sorry for the sister, unlike the husband. It would be freaky to mistake your reflection for someone else. At least she shouldn’t be prosecuted, but likely to be sent to therapy.

Neither were exactly straightforward cases, which was nice.

I got frustrated with the reliance on the polygraph. I’m sorry, but first of all, polygraphs aren’t valid as evidence in a court of law. This is because someone can pass a polygraph and be lying (or not be lying and fail). I’m surprised the woman actually didn’t fail it: nerves are a huge problem with a polygraph. In fact, most examiners won’t take one if the baseline is too high. (Yes, I have had a polygraph for something I applied for once.) They measure breathing rate, heart rate, and usually sweat rate (mainly, some measure a few other things).

The vic was HIV+, and hiding the meds does seem somewhat reasonable. I’m not sure everyone would, but it’s kind of a way of forgetting about it.

Question: Was the music by “Becca” something done just for the show?

Stella’s HIV storyline seems to be one of the most divisive the show has done, but I like it so far. First of all, I think it’s time that they show that risk of the CSIs jobs. It’s not just getting shot. It is possible for HIV to be infectious for some hours out of the body (unlikely, but not possible). Stella could be HIV+ and still work as a CSI. Also, I don’t think it could be anything else, provided we are sticking with something bloodborne. Ebola would be too infectious and contagious. Hep A isn’t bloodborne (food and fecal borne). Hep C is bloodborne, but it’s not that common. Also, “contracting” Hep C would force Stella to leave the show for treatment, since the treatment protocols are so debilitating (much worse than the HIV drugs). But it is curable. Hep B isn’t curable, and bloodborne, but as a CSI, Stella would be immunized against it. (Anyone who works with bodily fluids is).

People have argued that Stella should have double gloved. For all we know, she had. You typically don’t pull gloves off one at a time, especially when in a panic. (Having Adam do it was clearly for dramatic purposes) Anyway, gloves wouldn’t have helped Stella where she got cut, it was above how far gloves go up the arm.

I really am curious now about why they took a blood sample. It’s possible for them to blot for the HIV proteins to determine if it’s even multiplying in her system, but a HIV+ diagnosis requires the presence antibodies in the blood, so they’d have to do another sample later.

I do think Stella should have told Mac, as both her supervisor and friend. Mac clearly suspects something, after the blanking in the lab as well as the walking away. I do wonder if Stella was simply ignoring Mac at the end, or if she honestly didn’t hear him. Hawkes and Flack are curious too about what’s wrong. The only two who don’t really know are Danny and Lindsay. I also like that they are obviously planning for continuity in this storyline. However, I hope it’s not talked about every episode through May 2 (at least according to the website date). While she’d be worried, I think she’d also want to try to lead as normal of a life while possible.

Melina has played Stella’s anxiety about the situation well. The fear that one mistake could change her life completely. Stella was distracted several times, particularly after Sid conformed that the vic was HIV+. Having Sid’s voice become so disjointed (I’m not sure how to describe it), was particularly effective, and I’d love to know how they did it.

I’ve seen some comment about the “unfriendliness” of the nurse. Honestly, I’ve had some that are worse: ones that tell you what they are putting you on, but nothing about what they are for, who spend the grand total of 2 minutes with you, and part of that time is looking in your nose, ears, and throat.

So Mac and Peyton are no longer an office secret. About time. Why am I not surprised that Danny was the last to find out? Mac sounded disappointed that his date dumped him for a dead body. I do have to admit that I thought the flirting over the body was kind of cute. A “broken heart”. Haha. Mac also no longer seems uncomfortable with the relationship, and I wasn’t bothered in this episode by it. I think Gary had finally found his footing with Claire. Peyton’s response to Danny’s, “You and Mac will be telling your grandkids about this,” a death glare, was hilarious. I think it shows that even though Peyton didn’t want them to be the office secret, she doesn’t particularly want to be teased or continuously reminded of it.

I have tired to give Angell a chance. However, even after seven episodes, she has essentially no character. We know nothing beyond the fact that she’s a new detective, and that she saw her first mummy this year (which isn’t a huge thing, not many people have). I don’t even think they’ve mentioned the first name on the show. It wouldn’t be so bad if she’d only been in a few episodes, but after this many… She could be any character. None of her interactions are individual to her: everything she did in this episode could have been done by Flack. The main problem is that she brings no new dynamic to the show. Even worse, her screentime is cutting into that of other characters, namely Hawkes and Flack, who are both contract cast members.

That’s my main problem right now with Adam. I do like him, and he does have some characterization (the geeky, nervous, lab tech), but he’s had more screentime than both Hawkes and Flack in the last two episodes. I think they are giving Adam screentime that would be given to Lindsay if she were there, but this is unacceptable. Why shouldn’t they be giving it to Hawkes? I feel that Danny and Flack should have worked the A case, and the others worked the B case, without Angell.

Sid got his routine screentime (and Sid is certainly characterized), and Peyton’s screentime was also to advance the relationship, and could not have been filled by anyone else.

At least Stella’s girls didn’t get more screentime than Hawkes.

Fake Charges:
Contaminating the evidence (Mac and Stella): Mac picked up the credit card with bare hands. While, I think it’s hard to fault Stella for using the bathroom, she had to clean the wound and stop the bleeding, I would have thought she’d have had to file a report. However, as Mac said in S1, fear can trump logic. I think Stella is afraid of getting reprimanded for carelessness, beyond her obvious fear that she’ll become HIV+.

Overall Verdict: While this is a sweeps episode, I still feel this was an above average episode of NY.
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